Wednesday 3 June 2009

Wed 3rd June

The warm, sunny weather continues, although just before lunch it dulled down for a wee while just to fire up again later on, so as the weather continues, we made the most of it and cut the grass. On the downside, this evening there was precious little air while I was watering the poly tunnel, and sad to say the midges were out so the plants got a quick soaking! Certainly the House Martins were getting easy meals from the midges! Earlier on I noticed quite a few Starlings about, possibly some of this years' brood out already. Believe it or not, the birds are still eating quite a lot from the bird table, it is interesting to see some hen pheasants out, possibly there for a quick feed before returning to their nests. The cock pheasants are not to be seen in the same numbers around the feeders as they were earlier on.

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