Saturday 13 June 2009

Sat 13th June

Another week almost in and also another changeover day in the cottages too. Gordon and Pauline Yates who have been over for the last 3 weeks left today. Whilst waiting at Port Askaig this afternoon for the ferry, Gordon not only heard, but saw a male Redstart! When out and and about around Islay, they had heard a Wood warbler, and also through their stay had heard several Grasshopper warblers, but they felt not as many as in previous years. On the positive side, apart for the weather being really good, there appears to be more Short eared Owls around.
Gordon and and Pauline have left and other birders arrived, with one couple having a good sighting of the Little Egret at lunchtime, down at the head of Loch Indaal, George went down about a couple of hours later, but there was no sign of the bird then.

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