Monday, 22 June 2009

Mon 22nd June

Well, another day of the haar , or mist in from the sea, and luckily for me another entry from our friends!
"What can I say about today, rain, then drizzle and the sea mist? Certainly not the best bird watching conditions, but you just have to concentrate!
The Cuckoo and 3 different Corncrakes were calling at first light. Swallows, House martins and Sand martins were all feeding around the wood. On the Machir Bay, there was little to be seen, but we concluded that Common gulls were definitely the most attractive of the gulls in view.
The sea mist or haar, made us hone in on our bird call skills, chacking Wheatears, twanging Twite, anxious Oystercatchers and Ringed Plover too. Then the calls of Arctic Terns attracted our attention and an Arctic Skua flew past.
Back at home the haar was even thicker, but the Cuckoo was still calling.

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