Saturday 20 June 2009

Fri 19th June

Another entry from our guests,
"Thursday 18th. An outing to Ballygrant Woods to look for some interesting flowers. The Lesser Twayblade were in abundance with at least 200 flowering spikes. The patches of Adders Tongue were in seen in the usual place. A Hedgehog moved across the track in front of us, but stopped long enough for a photo!
The Mute Swans had 3 cygnets on the loch, and Dabchick and Tufted Duck were also seen. Redpoll, Siskin and Blackcap were also seen along with Whitetroat in the scrubby areas.
In the evening a Barn Owl was watcthed for sometime up the back of Port Charlotte.
Friday 19th June. A pair of Shelduck on the edge of Loch Indaal had 16 well grown young.
It was good to see small groups of Twite along the roadside over at Coullabus.
The afternoon was spent on the hill, looking at the ruins of the old dwellings and wondering about the hard life of those who once lived there. The wild flowers were colourful and varied, Heath spotted Orchids, Bird's foot Trefoil and Thyme were particularly impressive. There were lots of Wheatear along the way, and a Kestrel was mobbing 3 Buzzards which were hanging in the wind. The first Grass of Parnassus flower of the season was found, above the Machir Bay.
On the way back, there was a family of Stonechat on the fence beside the track, and 2 Hares were spotted "boxing" and chasing in a field."
Thanks for that folks.

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