Sunday 14 June 2009

Sun 14th June

As you can see from Michal's image, another great day out here with not a cloud to be seen, only a Redshank on a flypast! Yesterday, at the Beach Rugby at Port Ellen, there had been a couple of heavy showers, but none over this side of Islay, and again this afternoon we had no rain but it was rather black over towards Jura!

This morning, we met in with George at the head of Loch Indaal. He had already seen the Little Egret, but it had flown off after it had been disturbed by someone out walking their dog! So, nothing for it but to park up, and wait and see. Sure enough, we were fortunate to relocate it and it obligingly landed in the water not far from us. On our way home later on, on the strand at Uiskentuie, there was another person out walking along the shoreline, getting dive bombed by the Terns. Obviously the birds were protecting their territory, but why did the person persist on walking on?

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