Tuesday 2 June 2009

Tues 2nd June

Another nice and sunny day over here today, but by the sounds of the weather forecast for tomorrow, it is to be a bit cooler, we have certainly appreciated it when it was here!
The Corncrake was still calling strongly last night, so much so that in the middle of the night, the bedroom window got shut, to give us a bit of peace. Then through the day, the Cuckoo has been calling with his mate responding back to him. Michal was in touch with the latest Corncrake tally of 55 birds so far, very similar to last years' figures.
Round the Loch tonight, and we saw 2 Lapwing youngsters, and I was amazed at their size already. Also seen were 32 Greylags on a barley field at Rockside, 16 on a grass field at Ballinaby and a further 40 in another grass field also at Ballinaby. So far I have not seen any goslings yet. Talking of youngsters, and there has been no sign recently of the "springwatch" Shelducks, if memory serves me correctly there is usually some activity by now.

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