Tuesday 9 June 2009

Tues 9th June

Michal sent me through this image of a female (ringtail) Hen Harrier which he managed to take the other day.
After a bit of discussion, I decided to go down on Rory's walk on the Oa today, with Rory's carrot of seeing a Golden Eagle there was no stopping my friend John and myself! True to his word, Rory produced the bird, initially there were 2 on the wing, then we lost them, but later found them both perched on a stoney outcrop. They may have ben a long way off, but with our scopes we certainly had tremendous viewing of them. The sun was shining, and the plumage was showing to its best. For quite a few folk on the walk, it was their first sighting of an Eagle. It was certainly worth the trip and I would recommend Rory's walk on the Oa on a Tuesday morning or at Gruinart on a Thursday morning.

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