Sunday 3 May 2009

Sun 3rd May

With April now past, the rainfall for the month was just short of 5" in total, a lot wetter than April last year, infact some of the fields may still not be sown yet.
Back to birds, and James had a Little Grebe down in front of the hide this morning, and he also saw 5 Greenland Whitefronts there too. Earlier on in the week, James had seen a pair of Short eared Owls, as well as a Whinchat.
One of our visiting birders, Gordon Yates has gone home, so thanks to Gordon and Pauline for their input. Another visitor from the Lothians had seen 99 species whilst over for the week, perhaps he got lucky on the ferry to round it up to 100!
Down at the Coastguard Houses, the other day we were fortunate to see a Greenland Wheatear in full plumage, and I have been receiving reports of several more Corncrakes being heard.

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