Monday 11 May 2009

Mon 11th May

As we were coming home this evening, I managed to spot this Corncrake by pure chance and was able to take this image of it. Whether it is a coincidence or not, but there appears to be a few more birds having arrived over the last few days. As Michal is in charge of the Corncrake Count this year again, I will try to get an up to date figure from him tomorrow if I can catch up with him.
Some Grey Wagtails were seen by the RAFOS guys today, and just before tea time we all saw a Buzzard being chased off by a pair of Ravens. Possibly the Ravens were clearing the air space close to their nest, in readiness for their young which will be fledging any day now. The poor Buzzard thought it was out of harms way, when a Kestrel started to mob it. Life can be tough sometimes!

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