Saturday 9 May 2009

Sat 9th May

As the "constant" rain has stopped, Michal ventured out this afternoon and got this image for us of a young Robin demanding to be fed! Perhaps, we should think back to May last year when we were in the middle of a dry spell that lasted for 7 weeks with some of the distilleries actually stopping production due to a shortage of water!
Back to birds though, and we saw an Arctic Skua down between Bruichladdich and Gortan as we returned from getting the papers at lunch time. Back at home later on this afternoon, the Cuckoo was calling again in the wood, after being absent for a few days. With this cold, wet snap around, the Swallows and House Martins do not appear to be here in such numbers as last year. I had been hearing that the Corncrakes have not been heard as much this year either, early days yet. It is not only here on Islay, but on Colonsay and also on Coll and Tirree too.

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