Sunday 24 May 2009

Sun 24th May

Another busy day work wise, but not much bird wise. Yesterday I was never away out at all, with being at work with the cottages, and today has not fared much better. Yesterday it was wet, but today it has been dry, although not as warm as Friday was, so I have the jersey back on!
There was a Cuckoo getting chased away out of the wood by 3 small birds, and I spotted the same happening down towards the lochans near to Loch Gorm. Last night, one of the Corncrakes just had to keep on calling, it was calling when I went up to bed just around 11.30, and still at it 3am, what it did in between times I am not sure, but I did get to sleep!
A friend staying down at Carnain this week saw some Sanderling down on the shoreline, and has just seen a male Hen Harrier upsetting some Terns!

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