Wednesday 13 February 2008

Wed 13th Feb

This is an image of a male Brambling that was on our feeders last March for a few days, and recently there have been reports of some sightings. A female was over feeding in a garden on the south side of Islay on Sunday, and there was a pair in the same garden on Monday. RAS

At the weekend, up at Ardnave, on the dunes there were 61 Chough counted in total, all probing and eating grubs. I will try to get an update on how last years Chough offspring have fared, and will inform you soon once I get some details to hand. Also in a field at Ardnave, there were 104 Fieldfare. CF
Just as I write this entry, I have just been told that Gordon Yates has produced a DVD titled "Wildlife Gems of Islay", a new addition to Gordon's bow. You can get more details of his hour long DVD by clicking onto the link with Gordon's webpage, through our weblinks. We will all get a viewing of it when Gordon and Pauline come over this weekend. IKB

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Armin said...

I just hope Gordon receives my order in time and sends my DVD out before he leaves. I'm hoping to watch it this weekend as well...