Friday 29 February 2008

Thurs 28th Feb

It is a bit like the buses, in the sense that we had no previous images of Snow Buntings and then on 2 on days back to back, 2 images included on the blog although they were diffefrent birds, with this one up at Ardnave! There were the usual group of 4 to be seen there at that time, while on Ardnave Loch itself there were 10 Whooper Swan, about 50 Wigeon, a few Teal, some Mallard and a pair of Goldeneye. On the lochside there were Oystercatcher and the odd Lapwing and overhead several Chough were out flying around, and as usual being very vocal. At Sanaigmore, there were a few Ringed Plover noted. Earlier on, we were fortunate to see 3 Golden Eagle soaring above us, were they the same birds that Malcom had on a previous blog? At the start of our short trip out, the male Hen Harrier was seen out hunting. IKB

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