Sunday 17 February 2008

Sun 17th Feb

With the recent spell of better weather, it is not just us humans that are in the mood to catch up with work, especially outside chores that have to be done sometime! This week when doing one of my chores, I have been watching a pair of Ravens flying back to their nest with fairly big twigs/ small branches to help build their nest ready for another season. Even altough they were carrying material in their beaks, they were still being quite vocal at the same time! The Raven is one of our earliest nesting birds. Also this week, a pair of Buzzard were floating about, were they the same pair that nested here a few years back, on the lookout for a new nest site? On a different tack, the number of hares to be seen around is on the increase with 27 noted the other day in some fields close to each other. Sadly the number of Hares seen as "road kills" has increased too. IKB

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