Tuesday 5 February 2008

Tues 5th Feb

Another day and believe it or not, another dead whale has been found. Another Cuvier's beaked whale was reported dead on Machir Bay, this time it was a female. It still had its tail flukes, dorsal fin and flipper intact but had not been dead as long as the previous Cuvier's as reported on the blog on Sunday. It is interesting to note that Cuvier's are not normally known in waters shallower than 3oom, so perhaps that they both died out at sea and then were beached thereafter. Cuvier's are are not often seen in Scottish waters, sightings are usually only limited to a single one annually, and here we have 2 having been found dead within a few days and in close proximity. For those of not in the know, relating to the geography of Islay, Machir and Saligo Bays are adjacent bays about 2.5 km apart on the West coast of Islay. MAO
Also today, the weather was certainly a lot kinder, infact it was an odd sensation being outside with no wind blowing, and many of the garden birds were singing away as if was a Spring day, a Curlew calling in the distance and a Raven cronking away overhead.

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