Monday 25 February 2008

Mon 25th Feb

The weather has not relented with strong winds and blustery showers common today. The 4 Snow Bunting were to the fore up at Ardnave, whilst down at Loch Skerrols, there was a Little Grebe along with 51 Goldeneye, with the 14 drakes displaying to the others. GDY
There was also today, before the weather really deteriorated, a pair of Buzzard were displaying, the male initially carrying a large twig/ small branch in its talons and doing a fly past, several times, before eventually coming to land down beside the female. AJ
On Saturday night, we saw a total of 28 Frogs in the cars lights whilst out and about, one or two had already been struck by previous motorists. The other surviving frogs appeared to be dazzled in the headlights and did not hop off...

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