Saturday, 23 February 2008

Fri 22nd Feb

With the stormy, wet weather continuing, there is not a lot to report today.
Therre were 30 Goldeneye sheltering on Loch Skerrols and 24 Purple Sandpiper on the shore at Bruichladdich. GDY
I do not know if you remember the film footage that was once on the TV of a Sparrowhawk wending its way through a woodland scene, tucking its wings in to get through between various branches and posts, it was really amazing to watch, well recently a similar sighting here has been witnessed on Islay. The bird initially tucked its wings in to fly through the mesh of a rylock deer fence, and then again on the fence around the owner's dog run before getting it's prey from the bird table. It has been seen doing this several times. RAS

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