Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Tuesday 8th March

The weather has certainly changed over here today, the wind has picked up quite a bit and surprise, surprise we have had some rain, the first this month, and also the temperature has dropped too. Not really that great a day for the birds or us humans either!
In last night's entry I made a mistake, I could not make my notes out and said that a visitor had seen 45 Siskin, it should have been 45 Skylarks, sorry about that folks...
With the temperature dropping, the numbers of birds on the feeders rose, with a lot more Chaffinches present, I have not seen many Goldfinches here of late and another bird I have not seen much of late is a Wren. I heard one singing on Sunday, the first for a while. Also on Sunday, out the back of the crag, a male Hen Harrier was on the wing.

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