Saturday, 5 March 2011

Saturday 5th March

Weather better over here today, got in the mood and up the ladder and cleaned some nest boxes out! Even put a new one up with a camera in it, so all we need is a tenant...
Carl had a pair of Bullfinches in his garden eating the apple buds, and down at Carn on the way to Portnahaven, Carl had a count of 20 Twite.
James reported in the other day to say that "2 large Canada Geese" had been seen down towards Portnahaven, these geese have been seen again and another one seen over towards Mulindry, a total of 3 in all.
There was a Goldfinch on the feeders here at home, the first for a few days, and Margaret had seen a pair of Kestrel on the wing later this afternoon.

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