Wednesday 23 March 2011

Wednesday 23rd March

Another great Spring day again although the haar came in off the sea late afternoon.
David Formby, our resident dentist here on Islay and Jura had a Willow Warbler this morning. I have had 3 different locals in touch today saying that they had seen Chough at different locations carrying in nesting material. One of the cock Pheasants here at home was seen mating with one of the hen birds, so it is all starting to happen.
There were 2 Wheatears along at Saligo this afternoon and also a single bird behind Machir Bay. In the ploughed field beside the Coastguards 150 Golden Plover were counted. James had 16 Whooper Swans arriving from the South at Gruinart, they had been flying quite high, so possibly the first of them heading North again.
There was also a message through of good sightings of Crossbills at Avonvoggie, better still, from the car on the road....
138 Common Scoter were counted off Port Charlotte this morning as well as numerous Divers.
Steve Ash one of our visiting birders has headed home now, Steve saw the first Wheatear up at Persabus last week. On the ferry this morning Steve had "dozens of Guillemots, Razorbills and Black Guiilemots, 30 Great Northern, 10 Black throated and 10 Red thoated Divers, plus a pair of Common Scoter. Steve really enjoyed his stay and is already talking of a return visit! Many thanks for your sightings.
Bob had been over on Jura yesterday and in a brief 2 hour visit, just North of Craighouse, he had a count of 46 species including a Tree Pipit, a pair of Stonechats, a pair of Canada Geese as well as an Otter!

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