Friday, 11 March 2011

Friday 11th March

Rather cool over here today with the odd shower of hailstones thrown in for good measure...
Bob was on the phone, earlier this evening with some sightings. The last couple of days, Bob has been out Goose counting on different "routes" around Islay. Yesterday down in the Cornabus area behind Port Ellen, he had seen the 2 large Canada geese amongst the other geese present. He had seen 2 different Golden Eagles on his travels yesterday and today whilst doing another route, at the other end of Islay, he had seen a White tailed Sea Eagle, and on Ardnahoe Loch 4 Goosanders were seen. Back at home and on the feeders in his garden, Bob had a count of 30 Goldfinch, 40 House Sparrows and a few Greenfinch. Like George, a Greenfinch is not that common to Bob's garden. Over in the fields beside Bob's house the Lapwings are displaying and the Curlews, or Whaups, as some folk know them as, are calling away. A sign that Spring cannot be that far away!

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