Wednesday 18 August 2010

Wed 18th Aug

Malcolm yesterday evening had 3 Whimbrel fly past Bruichladdich. In the morning on the foreshore at Bruichladdich, George had a count of 110 Common Gulls including 15 juvenile birds. There were also 2 juvenile Black headed Gulls with them. In the afternoon, the count for the Common Gulls had risen to 181 with 15 Juveniles, only 1 Black headed gull and also 6 Greater black backed Gulls of which 4 were juveniles. At George's house, the House Martins are on their second brood.
Bob had seen a pair of Wigeon with young down at Gartmain today. Wigeon do remain here on Islay all year, but it is not often that we observe juvenile birds. James had a count of 115 Linnets on the overhead wires at Grainel this afternoon.

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