Sunday 15 August 2010

Sun 15th Aug

A bit of a distant image taken at the back of 9am this morning of some of the mixture of young Swallows along with some Sand Martins. There were just over 100 on the wires when I took it, but not all shown here! Not to be outdone, early this evening I counted 154 Swallows but no Sand Martins this time!
James had a Stoat in his garden yesterday, not really that common a sighting here on Islay! On the thermals over the reserve today, (this spell of good weather is still present), there was Hen Harrier and also a Sparrowhawk making the most of the lift. In the willows in his garden, James had a Chiffchaff. Up in the bay at Sanaigmore yesterday, James reported seeing a lot of "By the wind Sailors" in the water. They are a type of jellyfish, if you are like me and did not know!

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