Monday 9 August 2010

Mon 9th Aug

It was meant to be us that was fishing, not this pesky Lesser black backed Gull. It decided to have one of the mackerel which had been returned to the sea as it was not deemed to be large enough to qualify as a "keeper".
We were out with Donald James MacPhee and his wife, Isobel along with a few friends on the Angie from Port Askaig. We crossed initially to Jura to pick up some folk from Feolin, and then we headed up into West Loch Tarbert on Jura. A trip many of us had never done before. We ventured right up to the head of the loch, I had not realised how many twists and turns it takes to navigate both in and out! We saw distant Red Deer on top of several shoulders of the hills, both on Jura and coming back down from the lighthouse at Rhuvaal. Margaret spotted a Golden Eagle over Jura. We had seals, Guillemots, Manx Shearwaters, Herons, Gannets, Gulls a plenty. Just before we started to fish, there was a Basking Shark close to the boat as we neared the "Post rocks", a sudden silence fell over us all, even the youngsters were quiet!
A great time was had by all, both young and old, many thanks to DJ and Isobel.
On the way home, another first for me, was a Buzzard dropping down on its' prey just after the market at Bridgend.

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