Saturday, 8 September 2012

Saturday 8th September

The "tick" mist (see yesterday's blunder!!!) has gone, the plane landed this morning, some of the papers did not get through to the ferry on time, in other words, life on Islay is back to normal again....
A few birds through from Bob Young who was over the week. On Thursday, he had an Osprey on Loch Gruinart, while on Wednesday up at Sanaigmore, Bob had a Peregrine, a Buzzard and also a Golden Eagle. On his way home over to Gruinart, he had a female Hen Harrier. Here at home today, mid afternoon, there were over 50 Swallows on the overhead wires, the other day there were some Sand Martins and House Martins with the group present then. Well, at just after 19.00 they have already moved on, there were some other Swallows on the barbed fence wire along the top of one of the dykes or stone walls as well.

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