Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Tuesday 24th July

The weather dried up last night thankfully, and so allowing the moth traps to be set up at the Islay Community Garden close to Islay House at Bridgend. There were 3 new species recorded for Islay, for a fuller report, please click on the link to the Islay Natural History Trust on the right of the page! This afternoon, out in the garden I was watching a young rabbit facing a young Pheasant up, but the pheasant would not play game with the rabbit. The same young rabbit was seen shortly afterwards amusing himself doing some acrobatics, quite something else to watch! The other night there were around 200 Starlings lined up along the top of the wall between the old graveyard and the field. The Swallow in the garage has got her second clutch of eggs laid with 4 eggs present earlier on this week.

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