Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Tuesday 17th July

Visitors reported last night that they had seen a Razorbill swimming with young in Loch Indaal below Port Charlotte. They watched for some time and saw the adult bird feeding the young, so possibly proof that they had indeed bred on Loch Indaal. This morning they had a young Goldfinch, Willow Warbler and a Spotted Flycatcher in the willows here at Kilchoman, all in a matter of minutes. Later on, they had a young Cuckoo further out on the crag. Earlier this morning Mary had been out walking her dogs down at Portnahaven, close to the hall, Mary heard a Grasshopper Warbler and along the verges of the road she saw a Sedge Warbler feeding.

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Mick's Wildlife Photos said...

Where do you think the razorbills might have nested - Laggan Point?