Tuesday 6 December 2022

Tuesday 6th December

A glorious dry, cold, calm, bright and sunny day. Despite that, nobody seems to have got out birding today.

Regular visitors Steve Lister & Ken Reeves departed yesterday (Monday 5th) and sent in this note:

“On the way to our ferry at Port Ellen we saw two immature WT Eagles on the shore at Bridgend at around o835 and then a ringtail Hen Harrier flew east past the ferry terminal at about 0950.

During our stay we saw six collared GWF Geese. CSZ, CZK, CZT and CZY were together west of Loch Gorm on the 1st, and CZC and CZF were together at Cornabus opposite the entrance to Kilnaughton House on the 2nd. Tony Fox has already sent us excellent feedback on all of these, plus a list of nine others that have been seen on Islay so far this winter.

We searched for ringed Barnacle Geese but the wariness of the flocks and the length of grass they were feeding in meant we only managed one ring-read, 6PS. One of us had a brief view of what looked like the Cackling Goose at Leorin along the high road to Port Ellen on the 2nd but the large flock was disturbed by a passing motorbike and we could not refind it.”

It is interesting that, just as Malcolm Ogilvie predicted, CZK was indeed seen with CSZ – I wonder where CSK is? Perhaps Malcolm can let us know – and any of the details of the other GWF Geese rings read by Steve & Ken?

Thanks to Steve & Ken for all their records during their stay.

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