Thursday 8 December 2022

Thursday 8th December

 Another gorgeous clear, crisp day.

All the bird news is about White-tailed Eagles today. James How first counted 7 at Gruinart this morning, quickly correcting his count to 8. David Dinsley chipped in with 3 more on The Oa. That made 11. By 2pm James was reporting a dozen perched up at Gruinart, making at least 15 present. There was no mention of ages of these birds. Are they all immatures wandering in from other parts of Argyll for a goose-fest?

The only other bird news for the day is from Steve & Lyn Rogers who have a male Blackcap feeding in their garden. Presumably by this late date an overwintering bird?

All I can contribute for the day is a count of 35 Ringed Plovers on Machir Bay.

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