Friday 16 December 2022

Friday 16th December

A further deterioration in the weather today - grey and raining with stronger winds. So, not surprising that there are no bird notes sent in to the blog. However, Scott Maxwell emailed with the following query and sighting:

"Not sure if this is a Barnacle Goose from Islay.  It has a small green ring on right leg only. Seen near RSPB  Lochwinnoch in Renfrewshire last Sunday. Sorry for poor quality photos - digi-scoped from distance to avoid disturbing  the geese. Any ideas?"

Further Barnacle Goose related news came from John Miles down in Dumfries & Galloway who emailed regarding Avian flu to say "Yes,  Ok down here at the moment but from a max of 42,000 there are now 20,000 according to staff at RSPB Mersehead last week!!"

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