Saturday 17 December 2022

Saturday 17th December

The tenperature has become a little milder as promised by the weathermen. With it comes more cloud and drizzle at times with a light southerly breeze.

No bird news today, but Malcolm Ogilvie responded to the Barnacle Goose related blog of yesterday.

Regarding the ringed Barnacle Goose seen by Scott Maxwell at Lochwinnock: "The ring is a typical narrow band without engraved numbers or letters used by waterfowl keepers to mark their birds. Definitely not an Islay-ringed bird".

 Regarding Barnacle goose numbers at Mersehead and the Solway: "the 42,000 was the total population on the Solway a year ago. The population was believed to have fallen to 28,000 by the end of last winter because of avian flu. Following a very good breeding season, the total number on the Solway this autumn is about 34,000".

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