Monday 12 December 2022

Monday 12th December

A change in the weather today with slightly stronger winds from the south bringing cloud and intermittent rain. But it doesn’t seem quite that bad given the exceptional freezing, snowy conditions that are plaguing much of the rest of the UK to the south and north of us at the moment (it was close to -16 in Braemar!).

Talking of plagues, the only bird news today is all rather disturbing. Mary Redman reported at least 18 dead Barnacle Geese plus a few dead gulls on the beach between Uiskentuie and the Kilchoman road. NatureScot were in attendance and presumably will have taken samples to confirm Avian Flu in due course. James How also reports further dead Barnacle Geese on Loch Gruinart.

It is all very sad and worrying, in that there is precious little any of us can do about it and the goose flocks are going to be with us and potentially exposed and vulnerable to this horrible disease for several more months yet.

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