Saturday, 2 August 2014

Saturday 2nd August

Yesterday, Mary had a Hen Harrier over the flats at the reserve at Gruinart.... She also saw a Pipistrelle bat crossing the road, so she removed it to a "safe place" away from the road... David, one of the "vols " had seen a Bonxie up at Ardnave where he he also saw an Otter. On the woodland trail yesterday, Willow Warblers were heard singing away. Peter Roberts took the ferry over to Kennacraig as he headed out and he reported through that there were a lot of Guillemots and also Razorbills on the sea with their youngsters, earlier when Peter had come back to here earlier on this week, there had been no sign of any Guillemots or Razorbills. This evening, there were 15 Song Thrushes hopping around out on the grass after the rain, no doubt looking for food. There is a flat slab outside the kitchen window where the Thrushes use as somewhere to bash their snails before devouring them! I have seen them doing this often from afar, but here they are really close at hand.

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