Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sunday 26th June

David Mason sent through this image of a Roe Deer with her offspring taken the other week while he was up here on holiday. You can view some of David's images on I feel myself that I have seen more Roe Deer with twins this year compared with other years. The Siskin was back on the feeder at the kitchen window as were the Greenfinch and Great Tit families. One or two of the Rowan trees out in front of the house which had taken a battering with those strong winds a few weeks ago have burst out with some fresh growth, as have some of the Ash, but not much sign of any other buds bursting at all, it looks more like the trees in the Autumn, no beautiful colours, just all a drab brown with shrivelled leaves, most of which are off the trees already.

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