Thursday, 16 June 2011

Thursday 16th June

Well, that's the first half of the month away, next milestone will be the longest day one day next week, and then the days start to get shorter and so on.... Earlier on this morning we went out and did our patch listening for any calling male Corncrakes, we heard 9 in all including one along at Sunderland Farm, the first that we have ever had there in the few years that we have being this! We are easily pleased sometimes! Michal had been up at Ardnave and had heard 12 Snipe drumming as well as a couple of Corncrake. I spoke lat night to an Orcadian who said this year there were 5 calling on Egilsay which was good to hear. Mark on the guided walk at Gruinart today had seen a couple of Hen Harriers, and also some young fledged Choughs and a Corncrake flying from one spot to another, not that a long flight. Mark was pleased being able to show folk the Corncrake, it is often difficult sometimes just to hear them. A visitor commented this evening of not having seen any Yellowhammers on the Rhinns this visit, usually he sees the odd one, but none this time.

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