Wednesday 21 February 2024

Wednesday 21st February

The day started out grey and rainy, but slowly improved with some sunny spells in the afternoon.

Visiting birder and wildlife photographer Ash Cooper sent in a few records from the last few days:

17th: 6 Little Egrets at RSPB Gruinart

18th: a male Marlin nr Ardnave Loch

19th: a flock of c80 Linnet in stubble fields between RSPB and Ardnave Loch, c.15 Yellowhammers near Ballitarsin, being chased by a Marlin and 8 Ravens flying around the American Monument on the Oa

20th: a flock of c.75 Twite in stubble fields nr Sunderland Farm, and a Golden Eagle over the moorland on W side of Loch Gorm. He:took this great shot of a male Hen Harrier up at Glean Mor yesterday.

Also on 20th: Jonathan Farooqi is back birding on Islay and noted a single Pink-footed Goose at Kilmeny and a Carrion Crow at Kintra where he read neck collars ADX, AHD & ADZ on four collared White-fronts. Malcolm O.& David Dinsley confirmed that they were all ringed at Cornabus in winter 2017/18 and have been regularly seen in that area this winter.

Steve Willis had seen a young Glaucous Gull up at the top of Loch Indaal yesterday evening.

Today's news: Val Peacock  watched a male Hen Harrier hunting and displaying out over Ballimony where a Woodcock and a couple of Buzzards were also noted. Ash relocated the Glaucous Gull up at the top of Loch Indaal (photo below - is it the long-staying bird or a different one?), while Jonathan had found a Russian White-front with the Greenland White-fronts at Gruinart and got distant views of the elusive Red-breasted Goose from the RSPB Visitor Centre.

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