Thursday 22 February 2024

Thursday 22nd February

Another day of two halves - this time a sunny morning giving way to a rainy and cloudy afternoon. However, this didn't deter the keener birders from getting out and about.

David Livingstone watched a White-tailed Eagle taking a Barnacle Goose in the air at Kintra this morning.

A Glaucous Gull identified as a 2Y was seen by several observers today at the top of loch Indaal - Steve Lister pointing out that it must be a different bird to the other older immature bird that has been hanging around Uiskentuie for months. Jonathan Farooqi found the Red-breasted Goose again today on the Gruinart Flats this evening. Other sightings include Golden Eagle up at Carrabus, Hen Harrier  near Machrie, 2 Canada Geese at Ardnave and a flock of 40 Ravens up at Laggan Bridge.

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