Saturday 17 February 2024

Saturday 17th February

Ghastly weather today - at best overcast, grey and misty, at worst, grizzly, or breezy with rain.

Understandably, the birding news is limited, though Steve Williams did get out and found a White-tailed Eagle and Hen Harrier up at Gruinart.

Otherwise, there was a note posted on the Islay Facebook page that Malcolm O. picked up on regarding birding etiquette on Islay. There has apparently been some fairly dodgy and potentially dangerous behaviour from a photographer (presumed to be a birder) who has parked up in awkward places on bends on our narrow roads to wander off and take pictures. It is sometimes quite frustrating when something good is seen in a spot that is unsafe to stop in. However, the plea is to be careful and thoughtful to other road users, and find somewhere that is safe to pull off the road and if necessary walk back to where you want to be.

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