Thursday 15 February 2024

Wednesday 14th & Thursday 15th February

A couple of days of varied, but mild winter weather - sun and showers yesterday and fairly overcast, misty, drizzly today.

Nothing reported yesterday, but a few bits and pieces coming in today:

Steve Percival noted 2 Cackling Geese with the Barnies at Bridgend, also seen by visitor Tricia Cuninghame at Gruinart this morning. White-tailed Eagles also noted - 2 seen by Gary Turnbull and later by Tricia on their usual rocky island at the mouth of the River Sorn at the top of Loch Indaal. From the other side of the island, Ed Burrell sent in a note of a Carrion Crow seen by Larry Griffin at Kintra.

Gary also watched a couple of Otters at Carrabus Burn near Blackrock this morning.

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