Thursday, 16 March 2023

Weds 15th and Thursday 16th March


An other beautiful image from John Spiers via the Argyll Bird Club. This is a stunning capture of a WTE being closely watched by the wintering marsh harrier at Gruinart, hoping it might spook a snack out of cover!

Apologies for the double entry, a busy day and time just disappears before you know it!

Yesterday Malcolm reported our recent exotic visitor, the magpie, south of Claggain bay.  "LP" on the WhatsApp group gave a good account of a peregrine successfully hunting a common gull, going onto feed nearby.

Peter stopped by Loch Skerrolls today and found 2 drake goldeneye and a great spotted woodpecker in the nearby woods.

Up at Claddach yesterday a WTE came in via MacKenzie Island and flew overhead looking down at me before soaring off inland.  Up at the loch there was a merlin while down at the bay the chough were feeding again.  In the neighbouring crofts there is a young whooper who has been seemingly left behind, strong enough to fly from field to field, but not to cover any real distance.  It does seem bright enough though, usually feeding and moving around.

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