Tuesday, 7 March 2023

Monday 6 March

 Getting colder today with temperatures to drop further still on the forecast for the coming week. The false spring has drawn to a sharp end!

The north winds will be halting  any migration attempts. As such, the unwavering presence of the glaucous gull continues at Uiskentui Strand.  Kathy also ventured down towards Portnahaven where she located a sub-adult male hen harrier then on the drive towards Kilchiaran one WTE and 3 golden eagles very high.   Later at Bowmore, an adult WTE by the Gaelic Centre.  

At Claddach over the weekend there was a WTE, 2 chough, 2 separate flocks of passing whooper swan on the loch, and lapwing spread out on the neighbouring 'Windy Edge' croft.  A sparrowhawk was spotted flying low over the fields, making me realise I really haven't seen many this winter. Near Craigens farm yesterday 4 pied wagtail were feeding in the fields. Nice to see them returning.

Even with the cold wind-chill, when the sun came out there was a heat to be felt. So it shouldn't have been surprising to see the marsh-fritillary caterpillars taking the chance to warm up in the sunshine on a sheltered clump of grass.  It should serve as a warning to be careful of sleepy adders when out walking at this time of year!

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