Friday 10 March 2023

Thursday 9 March

 Some sightings on this cold, dry day from Ewan and John on the Nature Scotland wildlife touring group.  At the Oa they caught sight of a merlin, then down at Kintra discovered a dead little auk, then 3 very much alive long-tailed ducks in the sea nearby. Their hunt for the red-breasted goose was hampered by a lot of WTE activity putting up the flocks of barnacle geese, but then success at last near Craigens! The female Marsh Harrier is still to be seen at RSPB Loch Gruinart, then round Loch Gorm 2 ring-tailed hen harrier.  Then off Portnahaven, a gannet. First I've heard of for a while.

At Uiskentui, mr/mrs Reliable the Glaucous gull was still present.  I took a walk there in the late afternoon and discovered the attraction could be attributed to the 3 dead seals on the high tide mark along with a few  very decomposed barnacle geese. 

No bird photos today, instead you'll have to make do with this of the beautiful sunset from Port Wemyss.  Later there was heavy snow with lovely big flakes, but undoubtedly will not be there in the morning!

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