Thursday 23 February 2023

Wednesday 22nd February

 A nice spring day with lovely sunshine, although showers later in the day to catch out everyone who was optimistic enough to hang out their washing!  An other sign of spring - Margaret reported her first hedgehog of the year at Kilchoman reserve.

Elsewhere on the island there appears to be a modest fall of mistle thrush - 4 at Ellister, 2 at Kildalton, and finally one reported at the Oa.  No doubt more else where.

The sunshine appears to have spurred the local eagles into action with 2 WTE at Gruinart, and a pair at Cornabus hunting geese and a solo bird over Finlaggan.  2 Golden eagle seen on the Glen Road.  

Other sightings include a flock of long-tailed tits at Kildalton (Mary-Anne); Crossbills at Finlaggan and a barn owl by Bridgend (Steve W.);  Glaucous gull at Uiskentue, Short-eared owl at Finlaggan (Simon K.); 2 Todds Canada geese seen among whitefronts at Kintra (Steve); and finally the red-breasted goose was seen three separate times, all in the fields on the West side of Loch Gruinart.

Billy was out at Ballygrant loch and shared sightings of tufted duck, goldeneye, coot, mallard and little grebe.

As an additional note, my sisters on the Island of Kerrera were gathering sheep on the west side of the island and were being watched by a whopping 15 WTE and 2 juv. Golden eagle enjoying the thermals above them! Being so close to Mull appears to have made Kerrera an ideal youth club!

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