Saturday 11 February 2023

Saturday 11th February

Dan Pointon got things started today by confirming the glaucous gull is still at Uiskentuie. Later he had the drake American wigeon at Loch Gorm and surf scoter, velvet scoter and slav grebe all off Bowmore. Dan finished up at Gruinart, seeing a PB brent, 3 WTE, chough, marsh harrier and 2 hen harriers. 

Tom Lowe was out and about again, with 32 chough, a Lapland bunting and 2 purple sands between Sanaigmore and Ardnave. He also got this pic of the American wigeon...

Our own David Dinsley is back and saw 2 crossbills at Lower Cragabus on The Oa. Thanks to all. 

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