Tuesday 28 February 2023

Monday 27 Feb


In a spectacular night of Northern Lights the whole country appeared to have enjoyed, Islay was no different.  An incredible experience enjoyed from so many's back garden! Above from my own in Port Wemyss.

Back to the birds and the activity was also flurried! Difficult to pick through the WhatsApp group but here goes. The highlights:

Chris had an immature WTE, an adult pair of golden eagles plus a male hen harrier at Sanaigmore. Then at Gruinart observed a male hen harrier mobbing the marsh harrier in front of the viewing platform on the RSPB Woodland trail. Also spotted on the Salt Marsh was 3 WTE. Later he found the red-breasted goose among a flock of 2000 barnacles before the flock was put up by WTE's.  Near Killinallan his highlights. was a greenshank, and a jack snipe.

At the Oa Ian reported an other jack snipe as well as a common snipe as he walked away from the car park, while David D. counted 40 twite there.

Valerie had a good day out - at Finlaggan a Goosander, 3 WTE, and a sparrowhawk; at Stonefield 40 redwing; at Coulabus there was 40 twite, 80 fieldfare and a kestrel.  Back at Gruinart she noted 15 whooper swans high overhead.

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