Sunday 26 February 2023

Sunday 26th February

Another busy day of people looking at birds in beautiful blue skies. Here we go...

Some late sightings for Saturday 25th came through from Chris Mills this morning. On Loch Indaal he had c16 long-tailed ducks, c20 slav grebes, 15 GNDs, 10 RTDs, c30 RBMs and 8 goldeneyes. Ian Ford chipped in with a tawny owl calling in Bowmore, also last night. 

On to today, and Ashley Saunders got us started with a woodcock at Kildalton. Ian Ford then saw the glaucous gull at...yeah, you guessed it. Chris Mills had 2 chough nearby and slav grebe close inshore at the same location. He then saw lots of raptors - WTE at Kilchoman, and WTE, 2 goldies, 2 hen harriers, 3 buzzards and a sprawk at Ballimartin. Not to be out-eagled, Ian Ford then saw 3 WTEs over Gruinart and a ringtail harrier near Craigens. Michael Harrison laughed at this feeble effort and reported 5 golden eagles at Sanaigmore, plus hen harrier and merlin. 

Valerie Wilson reported 3 LTDs, 7 slav grebes, c100 common scoter on Loch Indaal and 4 WTEs over Loch Gruinart. Margaret had a stonechat in her garden, the first for a while. 

James tried to kill the upbeat Spring-is-on-the-way vibes by sending in a picture of a manky dead dolphin, but we'll save that treat for another time. Here's a cracker from Billy Stitchell of a crossbill at Finlaggan instead. 

Thanks to Mary for passing on, and to all the above for their sightings. 

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