Monday 13 December 2021

Monday 13 December

The gale overnight settled down in time for the morning.  Not too shabby a day by comparison to what we have been living with,  finishing with a glorious sunset late this afternoon.  Definitely colder this evening though that is to be expected. 

Margaret spotted 2 WTE over smelly corner this morning. At Currie Sands, I counted 11 turnstone and 8 rock pipit feeding on the sand. They've been resident there over the past 3 or 4 days and, judging by the state of the sand, finding plenty to feed on!

Ken Reeves of Burbage Birder fame kindly sent in the photo in tonights blog, as well as a couple of fascinating records from two of the ringed Greenland barnacle geese: 

"Myself and Steve Lister managed to carry out some ring reading of Barnacle and GWF Geese at two locations .Quite a few of the records are predominately from Gruinart Farm birds but a couple of the records are interesting ...

Greenland Barnacle

EBJ  Recorded on the  03 /10/20 at Gruinart South then on 30/10/20 and 09/01/20 at Balephetrish Hill  Tiree , finally  on 08/01/21 Tiree at Kenovay

ZLX   Recorded on the 25/10/17 on Islay...11 /12 /17 at Ruaig Tiree then at Vindhaeli Iceland on 29/04/18 with ZNJ as a mate. Finally after spending winter 2019 on Tiree and Tiree, winter 20 on Islay until  the next recording on Tiree is 22/12/20  , 24/12/20.The 2021 records from 19/10/21  to 01/12/21 are so far on Islay."

Thank you very much for sharing with us. I shall spread out some of the images through the week to cheer up the blog.

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