Thursday, 23 April 2015

Thursday 23rd April

A bit cooler today, so may be just as well that I did not put my jersey away... Yesterday, we had 2 large Canada Geese amongst the Greylags which were present down at the Coastguards. James yesterday had spotted a Golden Eagle over the reserve at Gruinart, in the evening he had seen a Corncrake in his garden, Mary had heard one calling at Ardnave, with a visitor hearing another calling up behind Bruichladdich. Steve Ellis had a good day yesterday seeing a male and also a ringtail Hen Harrier on his way along the low road between Bowmore and Port Ellen. Later on he had a further 2 males on his way round Loch Gorm. This morning there were 4 Swallows outside, chattering away as they were perched up on the overhead cables!

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