Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Wednesday 21st January

Yesterday, Malcolm, John Armitage and Ed had been over on Jura trying to have a look for any Whitefronted Geese, what success they had I have not heard yet, but over Loch Inver they saw a immature White tailed Sea Eagle and an immature Golden Eagle flying. As Malclom said, it made you realise the difference in the actual size of these 2 birds when they were seen close together. The Golden Eagle flew off with the White tailed Eagle dropping down onto a carcase of a possible Whooper Swan on the edge of Loch Inver. Also yesterday, coming back up from Sunderland at lunchtime, I saw a ringtail Hen Harrier flew up from the bottom side (Loch Gorm) of the road, across the road and it flew on towards the higher ground, no doubt on the lookout for some food.

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