Thursday, 15 January 2015

Thursday 15th January

Mary yesterday had been carrying out the second day of the International Goose count. Up at Bun an Uillt Mary saw 7 Ravens while down on the shoreline, she had 30 Turnstone. On the other side of Loch Gruinart, at Garra Eallabus, a Merlin was seen, Further on, up at Ardnave, with a high tide there was a mixed flock of Curlew and Oystercathers. Further on, 3 Turnstone along with a Grey Plover were noted. Going round Ardnave Point, there were several small flocks of about 20 birds of Lapwing and Golden Plovers seen. Today has been, well another windy day with a gust of 75.4 mph just before breakfast time, may be I should have placed the weather station in a more sheltered spot!!! The rainfall might not be so accurate, as the rain has been mostly horizontal of late, no pleasing some folks...We have only had 4" so far in January and we are only half way through the month!

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